Sunday, 13 April 2014

Meeting The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

We caught a Shotover Jet bus down to the main building. We all were feeling nervous. When we went down and sat in a jet boat on a trailer. There were police officers dotted all around the beach and its surroundings. When the duke and duchess arrived and they got out of the car the media's camera's were taking pictures really quickly. Some of them even yelled at the Shotover Jet people to get out of the way. When we got to meet the duke and duchess, they seemed like really nice people. Ms. Healy gave the duchess the presents she got for Prince George.

Us before getting on the bus and going to the Shotover Jet.
The beach before the media got there.
The beach with the media. We are in a line beside the jet boat.
The Duke and Duchess arriving.
The Duke and Duchess on the jet boat.
The Duke and Duchess getting off the jet boat.